About Us

Arthurs & Son Removals leave their clients whistling a happy tune every time they entrust a move to Arthur Heath and his experienced team.

The firm have been specialist moved of pianos and fragile antiques since 1976 and Arthus has worked with many prestigious clients to ensure their treasured possessions arrive in their new surrounding in one piece.

"Often it can be as simple as moving a piano from room to room, but they are a big item to manoeuvre correctly" he explained.

"We have worked with all manner of clients, including moving instruments for all the concerts that are held at the City Hall, so we know exactly how to reposition an item."

Antiques are also a speciality, as well as a passion for Arthur. "I have long had an interest in antiques myself, which gives me a greater appreciation than most of their value and importance to their owners", he said.

Arthur originally started the business from the back of a small van whilst working for his father-in-law. A father himself now, he has recently welcomed his own son to the business.

For more information, feel free to explore our Services Page or contact us with your enquiries on 01482 641656 or email us at info@arthurs-removals.co.uk.

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